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Dear BetaList Community,

My name is Jeff Bianco. I am a serial entrepreneur who has built five technology startups from scratch and sold four of them. I know from experience how challenging it is to run a new business:

  • Seeing so many ideas/opportunities/directions, but not having the manpower to pursue them
  • Being worried that the competition might outpace you
  • Not understanding the correct technical approach to take
  • Struggling to find the product/market-fit before the money runs out
  • Not having the time to find the right talent…

Sound familiar? Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

I understand how important every aspect listed above is. I would love you to benefit from my experience in the most crucial issues – finance and technology. Having a strong investment and development partner can really help your business move forward in leaps, not baby steps, allowing you to focus more on leadership and vision.

How can you achieve that? I invest in high-potential companies that have already received initial funding. Our investment in services includes the software development expertise that my Ukraine-based, 440-strong organization can bring to the table. I would cut our rates in half so that you would pay just 50% in cash, and the rest would come in equity. So, you get a software development partner who is committed financially to your success, providing twice the value and deliverables to help you get to market faster!

It’s important for both of us to see if there is a match – I suggest a call to learn more about each other. No obligations – let’s just connect and see how it goes!


Jeff Bianco

President, Dev.Pro

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Over $7M invested
to date

Who we are looking for

US or EU-based

Your company is registered in the US or EU & your product targets US or EU markets


You’ve completed at least a seed round & have at least $500K in investment

Tech product

You are working on a tech product & have a defined roadmap / business plan

Team expansion

You are looking to expand by 5-10 software development experts within a year

Understanding startup challenges


More product for less budget

  • More engineering work, at a faster pace
  • Stretch your limited funding

Attract top talent

  • Innovative work requires top-notch, creative talent
  • It’s hard to attract and retain top tech people in competitive hubs in the USA
  • Very expensive

Uncertainty and flexibility

  • Tech needs and volume of work can shift quickly
  • Permanent hiring of local staff does not allow for nimble adjustment to the tech team

Dev.Pro: invested in your success

Highly qualified and motivated engineers in Ukraine will augment your in-house team
$600K investment in engineering


Accelerate your engineering timeline while conserving your cash resources


Get an engineering partner who is fully aligned with your objectives


Focus on your tech and your business, not the logistics of operating a larger team

Some companies we've helped grow

Securrency delivers to financial institutions and their clients the convenient compliance tools and true interoperability among legacy and blockchain systems necessary for global adoption of digital assets.



In partnership since

July 2016 (4 years)

Dev.Pro team

17 people

Dev.Pro investment

First outside investor with a convertible note

Dev.Pro support outcomes
  • Securrency closed a Series A round with $18M investment (WisdomTree, ADIO) with the product that was built by the Dev.Pro team from scratch (the only development team for the first 3 years of cooperation)
  • Passed PCI DSS certification from auditor selection to gaining certification
  • Developed an ecosystem that provides instruments for issuing and regulation of security tokens as well as cross-chain exchanges
Tech stack

C# / ASP.NET Core 3.1, Angular, TypeScript, Redux, Webpack

DB: MS SQL Server 2017, SQL Azure via Entity Framework Core

Infrastructure: Azure Blob Storage, Azure Key Vault, SignalR Core, RabbitMQ, Redis, Security Code Scan, Docker

Blockchain: Ethereum (Solidity), Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin

Inveniam Capital Partners built the tools that are facilitating the digitization of private markets. These foundation software tools enable asset owners to use digital proof-of-ownership to organize and control their own data for use in distributed, data-driven, financial transactions.



In partnership since

February 2019 (1.5 years)

Dev.Pro team

24 people

Dev.Pro support outcomes
  • Dev.Pro architects and principal engineers are in charge of technical design and building a scalable system
  • 12 transactions tokenized to date; $102M in face value and 5 transactions in process; $233M in face value
  • Integration with fintech platforms where the Inveniam product will be in charge of data integrity, making this ecosystem a standard that everybody is using
Dev.Pro investement

Multi-million-dollar convertible note

Tech stack

Angular, Node, Blockchain: Ethereum (Solidity), Tezos (LIGO), PostgreSQL, AWS Cloud

The APiJET Smart Aircraft System uses existing or dedicated infrastructure to help airline companies save money by consuming less fuel. Along with NASA-backed solution, APiJET offers an app to offer pilots more efficient routes.



In partnership since

May 2019 (1+ years)

Dev.Pro team

7 people

Dev.Pro support outcomes
  • The first release version of the application was delivered in April 2020
  • Custom server emulator created by the Dev.Pro engineers will continue to be used by client team for internal product testing purposes
  • Deployment of the product across the entire full-fleet is planned for January 2021 (postponed due to COVID)
Tech stack

Xamarin.Forms, C#, .NET

SchoolCNXT is an app that helps districts and schools create school-centered communities with a positive school culture and actively engaged families.



In partnership

3+ years

Dev.Pro team

12 people

Dev.Pro support outcomes
  • Dev.Pro was the only technical team involved (architecture and development for the first 3 years of collaboration)
  • During this period we went to market and rolled out in 3 major school districts in the US as well as making customizations for further customers, having collect customer feedback
  • The project was transferred to the core team, which was hired in the US (as per the initial plan) after 3+ years
Tech stack

RoR, PostgeSQL, REST API, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ionic, PhoneGap, Cordova, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Web Socket, Push Woosh, Cucumber, Jenkins, Swagger, Google Analytics, Kahuna Analytics, NewRelic, Sentry, Amazon Cloud services

Partners speak about Dev.Pro

We’ve been working with Dev-Pro for over two years now, and they have exceeded my expectations of an outsourcing team. In my previous experience, communication and ownership were problems, but that hasn’t been the case here. We’ve got a fully staffed team – engineers, quality assurance, business analysis, and project management, and we keep close communication in a slack channel and one weekly leadership meeting. They operate at the same level as our own delivery teams – held to the same standards, same processes, and same timelines – and we’ve found they also embody the same core values as SalesLoft employees. We’ve recently rolled out a scaled OKR approach to the team so they have clarity on the goals of the company and engineering department, and they can determine how their daily work fits with those larger goals. I’ve been really impressed with the way the team has been able to grow and quickly find new staff who fit perfectly inside the culture of SalesLoft. It’s a true partnership and I never hesitate to bring concerns or new ideas to the Dev-Pro team – they’re eager and willing to solve any challenge. I enthusiastically recommend them; feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Carina Gerry

Director of Engineering Quality

I am pleased to speak in support of Dev-Pro, an IT company that:

  • listens to the customer voice
  • addresses customer needs at the highest professional level
  • manages unusual crisis IT situations at a customer site
  • provides top class IT support to office staff and the virtual team
  • searches for the best IT solution to meet client needs and expectations
  • never says “not possible” and brings solution and experts to make miracles happen
  • meets the internal audit control check-up of a multinational company
  • allows company CEO to sleep well and smile
Luděk Novák

Independent Consultant (Information Security Management, IT Risk Management, Governance of Enterprise IT, IT Auditing)

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