Clients leverage Dev.Pro’s capabilities to achieve speed and cost advantage through different product lifecycle phases. Whether you are developing a new business idea from scratch or need to enhance an established software product, Dev.Pro can provide a set of services to match your needs. We engage in the manner most suitable to your company culture and project objectives: either providing a team of expert engineers to work under your direction, or taking full responsibility for the deliverables.

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  • Market research
  • Design, UI/UX
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Version 1.0 MVP
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  • Robust architecture
  • Full feature development
  • Large scale deployment
  • Customize and pivot
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  • RunOps
  • Feature update
  • Customizations
  • Integration
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  • Tech stack update
  • Legacy support
  • Next-generation design


  1. project ideation
    • Stakeholder interviews (pains, needs, wants)
    • Market research (industry landscape, trends, competition, consumer behavior)
    • Vision and requirements documentation
  2. UI/UX
    • Target audience definition
    • User journey optimization
    • UI mockups / working prototypes
  3. Software Architecture
    • Scalable cloud-based architecture design
    • Service-oriented architecture using microservices
    • Tools and technologies – evaluation and selection
  4. Software Engineering
    • Code compliant with coding standards and conventions
    • Peer code review and unit testing
    • Solutions based on trending frameworks
    • Web-based and mobile solutions
    • Native and cross-platform mobile applications
    • Cloud platforms
    • Blockchain-based solutions
    • Databases
  5. Quality Assurance, Testing
    • Manual testing
    • Automated testing
    • Load testing of Cloud-based systems
    • Project auditing
    • Production environment replication
    • Databases
  6. DevOps
    • CI/CD processes automation
    • Deployment automation
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Security improvements
    • Project launch into production
  7. IT Support
    • Development and testing environments set up
    • Existing infrastructure audit and optimization plan
    • Monitoring and alerting
    • 24/7 support
  8. Content Management
    • Data mining
    • Data entry
    • Media library creation
    • Content curation
    • Language translation


Dev.Pro puts together customized teams with the right expertise for each customer and project. Here are some of the typical tech stacks we have used in previous work:

Web Technologies
Node.js, Angular.js, HTML, CSS
Development Languages
JavaScript, .NET, Python, Ruby on Rails, C++, PHP, Java
Mobile Development
iOS, Android, Apache Cordova, React Native, Xamarin
AWS, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, UpCloud
MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Hypertable, Riak, Neo4j, RavenDB, OrientDB
Data Storage Solutions
Redis, Couchbase, Memcached
Blockchain Technologies
Ethereum / Solidity, HyperLedger, EOS
Full text search
Elasticsearch, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Sphinx
DevOps tools
Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform
Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, Gitlab CI
Industry Standards


When Dev.Pro is fully responsible for deliverables, we use proven Agile-based software development methodologies in our engineering activities. For close collaboration with clients on joint projects, we follow the same processes, standards, and tools utilized by our client’s in-house team. Beyond tools and standards, we have found that what makes the most difference is getting the right kind of talent for the job, aligning the team on a joint mission, and encouraging their passion for success.

Qualified talent

Many lower-end outsourcing companies push junior-heavy teams in order to advertise the lowest possible hourly billing rate. We focus on productivity (volume of work done per dollar spent), which is achieved by appointing the right mix of talent for the job. Our typical engineering team would consist of 25% senior, 50% intermediate, and 25% junior staff.


  • Dev.Pro tailors teams to customer needs, in a transparent manner.
  • Most of our teams are a well-balanced “diamond” instead of a junior-heavy “pyramid”.
  • We calibrate seniority levels to U.S. standards, not local standards.

Team extension or project execution

Dev.Pro can support client-led engineering efforts with qualified professionals in a team-extension model, or take full responsibility for delivering projects. We do not compete with in-house teams, but collaborate with them for best outcomes and optimal cost-efficiency.


  • Clear definition of objectives and success criteria upfront.
  • Transparency and effective communication with client’s inhouse team.
  • Strong project management expertise.

Enterpreneurial spirit

From Dev.Pro’s earliest days, we have been used to moving fast and embracing change. In our business arrangements and technical work, we adopt a win-win mindset with transparency and integrity in everything we do. We embrace a high level of flexibility and customization for every client, often providing auxiliary services to support the full business process around the software platforms we build.


  • Transparency and alignment with client encourages the mindset of “one team, one mission”.
  • Investment into proactive ideas and proposals for our clients, going above and beyond their own requests.
  • Constant professional education of all our team members in technology, communications, and business culture.

Domain experience

Dev.Pro focuses on solving complex technical challenges and building effective engineering teams – without being locked into a specific set of technologies or vertical industries. With access to some of the best technical talent pool in the world, we can put together the right team for the job. Over the years, the majority of our clients have come from the Technology, Finance, and Media industries.