Dev.Pro was founded by entrepreneurs and technologists, bringing together the strength of American business and Ukrainian engineering. Over the years, we have helped numerous technology-driven companies to develop their innovative software products and grow their businesses.

True to our roots, we remain creative and nimble, tailoring our engagement with clients to meet their specific needs. Some come to us for our engineering expertise, some for the rapid delivery, and some for cost efficiency. But what truly sets us apart is the alliance we forge with our clients over time, aligning our success with theirs.

8+ years of reliability
and growth
160 projects delivered,
30 more in progress
90% repeat business
from satisfied clients
3 development centers
with a diverse talent pool
400+ highly skilled
technology specialists
35 educational events to
nurture the best talent

Our Core Values

In everything we do, from working with clients to interacting with team members to making business and management decisions – we follow our values. They help us achieve our objectives, and enjoy doing it!

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Prompt and clear communications provide visibility and increase speed of action.

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Transparency ensures understanding and alignment.

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Keeping promises and delivering results demonstrates value and builds trust.

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Continuous improvement takes us to the next level, going above and beyond.


Each member of our leadership team has at least 10 years of experience performing their role within a software engineering industry, many of them with Dev.Pro. Beyond their professional expertise, what truly sets them apart is their passion for doing their best every day, and constantly evolving the company to deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders: our clients, our team members, and our community.

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Jeff Bianco

PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER Serial entrepreneur, effective communication evangelist, world traveler.

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Maxim Kortunov

CTO PC addict from the age of eight, engineer and researcher by nature, always striving to understand how things work on a deep level; strong leader, true family man.

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Galina Shakirova

CPO Psychology, poetry and foreign language fan, tireless learner and generous knowledge sharer (now mastering Technology Management at LvBS whilst teaching a Recruitment/HR course at Hillel IT School).

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Sergii Koshman

CAO True negotiator and relationship builder eager to mentor colleagues in leadership and professional growth, passionate snowboarder and motorbike rider, active sports lover who dreams of running a marathon.

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Nick Smoliar

CFO Spreadsheet expert, database architecture and analytics pro, bookworm, sports, and healthy lifestyle supporter.

Our locations

Starting from our home base in Kharkiv, Ukraine, over the years Dev.Pro has expanded into other key locations with the best engineering talent. While the majority of our development teams are located in Europe, we also operate out of our US-based office in North Carolina, to provide high-touch support to our American clients.